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The Urgency of a Ticket is a tool for your customer to use that conveys how urgent they feel the ticket is to them. It is a measurement of time.

There are three Default Urgencies given to any new system:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

You can either use these Default Urgencies or you can create your own custom Urgencies. 


Using the Add Ticket Urgency button on the top right of the page will take you to the form to choose your new Urgency options.  

Name - If you are adding more than a few different Urgencies then the name will be an important way to identify what you want to use it for.  If you wanted a different set of Urgencies for different Inboxes then here is where you would distinguish between them. Perhaps you need something higher than high for a particular client then you would only use that Urgency for their inbox or perhaps you don’t want your sales team Inbox having so many Urgency settings. This is all highly customisable so you can make your system as unique as you need it to be. 

Internal Note - Internal notes are a handy way of adding any additional information you want to be readily available to whoever is involved in System Admin.  

Score - The score you give to your new Urgency will need to be relative to the other Urgencies you will use them with. Giving a low Urgency a score of 2 will mean that Urgencies higher up in priority will need to be scored higher. You should also bear in mind that the multiplied score of Urgency & Impact will create the overall Priority.  

Status - The toggle is the final part of the form which can be switched from active to inactive which is basically telling your system whether this Urgency is active and available or not.  
Using the large green Add Ticket Urgency button will save the form and effect the changes you’ve made to your system.


Once you have created your own Urgencies they will appear in your main listing page of all available Urgencies. If you needed to change one of them for any reason, then each one will have an edit function on the far right hand side that looks like a pencil. This will take you back into the form page and you can edit any part of the Urgency that you need to. 

Delete an Urgency - From within the edit function you’ll also have the ability to delete the Urgency. If you delete an Urgency which is in use and has Tickets using this Urgency your system will prompt you to reassign these Tickets to a different Urgency. If you have multiple inboxes using this Urgency then each Inbox will ask you to reassign to a different Urgency.

Using Urgencies

Within Inbox settings, you can choose which Urgencies are available in that inbox.

If you choose to display the Urgency field in your Ticket Type, when you or your customer are creating a ticket, there will be an "Urgency" field and this is where a customer will decide how urgent this ticket is for their business operations. By using the dropdown they can select one of the already programmed urgencies or one created by you.

Changing Urgency in a ticket

You can change the Urgency of a ticket that has already been created.  This can be accomplished while in the ticket, using the edit pencil shown below, clicking on the Urgency field in the sidebar or when you respond to a ticket or by hovering over the Urgency status to bring up a pop up box to quickly change in this view.

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