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Last Updated 10/11/2023 12:34 pm

A Custom Field is used to add additional questions to your Ticket Types to gather whatever information you need to effectively handle the request. They can be useful to force users to provide specific data, rather than hoping they add it in the description.

For example, if your Ticket Type is an internal IT support question, you can create a custom field with a dropdown of all the equipment your IT support team would answer questions about. You could have a dropdown list of equipment type and then a free text box asking them to provide the serial number.

A custom field can also capture a date. Perhaps it’s an annual leave request form where you need to know the start and end date, or it’s a sales enquiry and you need to capture the date that a service is required.

The last option is a free text box option allowing you to ask any question where the user can enter whatever text they want.

Adding a Custom Field 

To use Custom Field option, select this by using Settings menu, Ticket Properties and then Custom Fields.

The Add Custom Field form looks like this.

Name: Give your Custom Field a name descriptive enough to help you find it later. 

Help Text: This field is a prompt to give an indication of what the user needs to tell you in order for you to help them. It will appear under the field on forms.

Field Type: You have three options here to choose from;  

Text – which is a free Text box for your customers to add whatever Text they need to.

Dropdown - you will need to populate the options to be found within the dropdown for your customer to choose from. You can add as many options as required simply keep using the Add Option function. 

Date – This will add a Date field to your custom field, perhaps you need to capture your customers Date of Birth or the Date that the issue occurred.

Status: The status of the Custom Field can be toggled on for Active or off for Inactive. This will either make the Custom Field available within your system or not. 

Edit Custom Field 

You are able to edit any Custom Field you have created by viewing the list of Custom Fields and clicking on the pencil at the right-hand side and saving any changes made.  


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