Canned Responses

Last Updated 09/11/2023 07:59 pm

A Canned Response is a text snippet made available when you're replying to a ticket. Use them to automate your common replies. This is useful if you want to reply to new tickets with a common greeting, or if you have fixed answers to common questions.

Canned Responses not only make your support team faster, they also allow the whole team to speak in one voice.

Adding a Canned Response 

Within Settings, under Automation, you’ll find the Canned Responses option where you can see your list of existing items and add new ones.

NameGive your Canned Response a name that will make it obvious what content it contains. This will appear to agents when they're replying to tickets. 

Internal Note - This field allows you to add a note as to why you have created this Canned Response. 

Body - In the body field, this is where you add all the text you wish to go in the Canned Response. It’s the same WYSIWYG editor that is available throughout Issuebear where you can format your Canned Response as required, you can even add in links along with your text.

Status - The status of a Canned Response can be toggled on for Active or off for Inactive. Inactive responses won't be shown on the reply page. 

The green Add Canned Response button will save your new Canned Response which will now be available to use.

Editing a Canned Response - To Edit a Canned Response simply use the pencil icon at the right-hand side of the list of all Responses available where it can be easily changed.

Deleting a Canned Response - To delete a Canned Response select which one or ones you wish to delete and check them with the box at the left-hand side then delete button which is automatically highlighted when a box is checkedThis will enable up a pop-up warning that this action cannot be undone. 

Using canned responses in a ticket - You can use a Canned Response in a reply to a ticket by selecting the ticket you want to use this on and then by using the "Reply to Ticket" button.

You can then select which Canned Response you want to use by using this dropdown menu below the reply form, this is where you will see the responses you have already created. Clicking on the Insert button will then add the Canned Response to the bottom of your current reply.

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