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Attached to the Ticket Type, categories and sub-categories help you further classify your incoming tickets.

A ticket with a ticket type of Hardware may have a category of Printer and a sub-category of Not Printing. This three-level classification allows your Users to be very specific when submitting their Ticket, which helps you sort incoming requests appropriately.

Add Ticket Category Set - Categories are stored in sets, a set of categories is the high level name given to describe the categories and sub categories within it.  You might have a set of categories per department or Inbox that would only be relevant to them. For example you may have a sales department with a set of categories called sales, a category within that set that called external enquiries and sub categories called software enquiry & hardware enquiry. 

Name -  The category set will only ever be visible and used by your system agents. A category set name should best describe the type of categories and sub-categories that will be within it.  

Ticket Categories      

Adding Ticket Category 

Once you have added your category set you can then add the categories you want to create within this set using the categories button on the far right of the listing page. This will take you to the listing page for any existing categories within this set, (if any), and the Add Ticket Category button on the top right.  

Name - When naming your categories  it’s important to give the user a concise descriptive name that is clear what the category is to be used for.  Ambiguous names can lead to errors in classification which can cause delays to your customers so taking time to build your categories is an important step. 

Status - The status of the ticket category can be toggled on for active or off for inactive. This will either make the ticket category available within your system or not. 

Ticket Sub-Category 

Sub categories can be added to any category. Select which category you wish to add a sub category to from the listing page then use the sub categories button which will take you to any existing sub categories.  

Adding Ticket Sub Category 

Adding a new sub category is done using the and Add Ticket Sub Category function on the top right.  

Name - This is when you can be really specific about the type of sub category you want to be available. For example if the category set was IT support, the category might be IT equipment then the sub categories could be named printers, scanner or any other equipment that your IT support team might support. 

Status - The status of the sub-category can be toggled on for active or off for inactive. This will either make the sub-category available within your system or not. 

Editing - Editing a category set, category or sub-category once you have created them is done easily by using the edit pencil at the right hand side of the listing page for each. Simply make any changes you need to and save them.  

Deleting - Deleting a category set, category or sub-category  If you delete a category or sub-category that is already in use within your system then you will be asked to re-assign those tickets to another category or sub-category depending on which you are deleting. 


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