Agent Ticket View

Last Updated 27/09/2023 09:46 am

The Agent view will have all of the available information on a ticket, some of which won't be available to all Users (customers). 

Agents will be able to see how many Messages the ticket has.

An Agent will also be able to see any private notes stored within the ticket. These can only be seen by people within your organisation. This allows you to communicate details that you'd rather the end customer doesn't see.

Next up is the tab containing any attachments uploaded to the ticket by anyone.  Attachments are an optional feature of a ticket type, please see the article on attachments for more detail on how to enable this.

Related tickets is also an Agent only feature. This is an option within all tickets to allow an Agent to relate similar tickets together.

Watchers are people who have been involved in the ticket or have been added as a person of interest in the ticket. The creator and responder are automatically added as a watcher however you may also manually add a watcher.

Tags can be found directly below the ticket title in blue highlighting. These again are only a feature available to Agents as a tool to link and relate tickets together. 

Agent Sidebar

The sidebar Ticket Information will also be slightly different for an Agent than it is for a customer. An agent will have access to the ticket helium information and any SLA that is in operation on the ticket. 


The sidebar will contain a Contact Info section with all of the information collected about the creator and customer.  This includes their Username, contact telephone number, email address, location full address and Organisation details of the creator.

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