Managing Teams

Last Updated 26/09/2023 07:11 pm

Add Team

To add a new Team to the system owning Organisation head to the Add Team button found here:

Name: Give your new Team a unique name, the name should be easily identifiable to all Users from your organisation.

Internal Note: Here is a free form text box for you to add any internal notes that might be useful for future reference. Perhaps it describes the Team and what they do, or perhaps it's an internal reference 

Allow Ticket Assignment: You will need to decide whether you want to allow tickets to be assigned directly to this Team and either have this toggled on or off. Some Teams you will want to manage by allowing the Rules you have set up (See Rules for in depth instructions on how to use them here), to automatically Assign a Ticket to a Team based on the criteria you set up within Rules. To allow this functionality you must toggle this option to On.   

Assign Method: When you select Allow Ticket Assignment, meaning tickets can be directly assigned to this Team, a secondary dropdown will appear directly below asking you to choose the Assign Method. This is a way to filter the way tickets are assigned and there are a few different options: 

No Specific User – it's assigned to the Team, but now specifically to any person within that Team. 

Random – a ticket assigned to the Team is randomly assigned to someone within it. 

Round Robin – a ticket assigned to the Team is assigned to a member of the Team in order. 

Least Tickets – a ticket is assigned to the Team is assigned to the member of the Team with the least tickets. 

The assigning of a ticket will take into account the maximum number of tickets that can be assigned to an Agent (if this has been set up) therefore if this number has been reached it will bypass this Agent for example with Round Robin assigning. If a ticket cannot be assigned to a Team member for whatever reason, then it will just be assigned to the overall Team.   

Role: Selecting a Role from the dropdown menu will assign that Role to the members in this Team, (a role may be overidden by a Role assigned at Agent level, Roles have their own settings)  

Status: The status of the Team can be set here as Active or Inactive.  

Team Search 

Once you have created your new Team you can choose this new Team from the list of all the Teams available in your owning organisation from the main listing page. There is a search available at the top if your owning organisation has lots of Teams it might be easier to use the search navigation to find the Team you want.

From the main listing page of all Teams within the System you can see the new Team you have created or the Team you are looking to add members to.  From here select the Team Members icon on the right to see which Team Members are currently in that Team, if any. You can add and remove the Team members from here. 

Add Team Members 

You can add and remove the Team members using the Team Members icon on the far right as above. This takes you to the list of members in that Team with the option to Add Team Member.

Using the Add Team Members button at the top right you will get a list of all Users belonging to the Owning Organisation to select from. You may select as many Users as you require from the list and click Save Changes to add these Users to the Team. Use the Return to Team Users if you want to leave the Manage agents page.  

Deleting a Team: can be done from the list of Users in a Team page, selecting the User to remove will then highlight the delete button below. Be careful when deleting a User of a Team as there may be tickets already assigned to them. If you try to delete a User who does have tickets assigned to them already, a notice will pop up advising this and will ask you to reassign these tickets for another Team to deal with. If there are currently no other Teams to reassign them to then you will simply need to assign them to a User instead. 

Edit a Team: The last function available on the List of Teams is the Edit function which allows you to change any of the details of that Team from the. Saving changes at the bottom of any form will implement any changes you have made.




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