Last Updated 26/09/2023 07:06 pm

We provide the ability to enforce your own security options from the Security section of your settings.  

Here you will find a host of security features you can enable to ensure access to your system is strictly controlled. 

Login Style - The Login Style dropdown allows you to choose from two options when they login. You can choose that your Users will either use a username and password or you can select that they use Magic Code to login. This is where a user will receive a 6 digit in an email which will log them in. Magic Code means your users don't need to set (and then potentially forget) a password.

Allow Multiple Logins - The next section determines whether you will allow non-agents to be logged in from multiple devices at once. It should be noted that an Agent can only login from one device at a time. 

MFA Setting - Has the following options:

  • Disabled: MFA is not available.
  • Required: Users must setup multi-factor authentication when they next login. They will be prompted to scan a QR code with their chosen MFA app, such as Authy or Google Authenticator.
  • Optional: Users can choose to enable multi-factor from their own user preferences. User Preferences are found in a dropdown by clicking your User Name in the top right of the hub pages.

MFA Prompt - The MFA Prompt section allows you to determine how often a user is asked for their second factor authentication.

Password Settings

Password settings are the settings used to determine how tightly controlled you want the passwords of your Users to be.  

Min Password Length - Firstly you can set the minimum password length. Password length is more important than complexity or any other password setting therefore we always encourage at least 8 characters. 

Password Complexity - You can set the complexity of passwords required for Users here. The options are, None, Upper/Lower, Upper/Lower/Number, Upper/Lower/Number/Symbol. So, the first is that you do not require any password complexity. Upper/Lower selection means passwords must contain at least one upper case and one lower case letter. Upper/Lower/Number is the same with the addition of at least one number. And Upper/Lower/Number/Symbol is the addition of at least one symbol.  

Password Reset Frequency (days) - How often you want your Users to have to change their password can be set here. 0 means they'll never be forced to change it.

Login Session Length (hours) - Do you want your Users to automatically be logged out after a certain amount of time spent logged in? You can have a user logged out after 8 hours by setting the number to 8. If you do not want a user's session to expire you can set this number to 0 and they will remain logged in indefinitely.