Getting Started

Last Updated 26/03/2024 09:34 pm

You're new to Issuebear and you're probably wondering where to start.

1. People

This is where you can setup your support agents and staff. If you're going to be providing support for external customers, you'll probably want to set up each of them as an Organisation first before you start creating accounts for the people who work there. You can also take the time to organise your support agents into Teams.

2. Ticket Types

These are the different types of ticket you're going to accept. You might want to setup one for Support Tickets and one for Sales Requests, or whatever else makes sense for your business.

3. Ticket Properties

Our default Ticket Statuses, Impact and Urgencies are probably enough to get you going. But it's worth taking a look at them to see if there's anything you want to customise. Maybe also a good opportunity to look at Ticket Categories, if you want any of your ticket types to be categorised further.

4. Interface

Upload your logo and set the company name correctly to make sure that your customers recognise your system and emails.

5. Security

Take advantage of our security controls for passwords and login processes to make sure that everyone stays safe. We recommend enabling Multi-Factor Authentication for all login accounts.


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