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Last Updated 27/09/2023 09:44 am

The Agent Activity report can be used to see the stats for the Agents within your organisation meaning you can track their progress against each other. This can be useful in a Team where they are answering similar types of Tickets to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie.  

The Activity Report generator will appear as below. 

Each of the options above can help tailor the report to your requirements. Perhaps you need to see the stats on all IT Support Tickets that have been raised over the past month from a particular customer, from here you can see which members of your IT Support Team have answered the most tickets, closed the most tickets or have the most participations. 

Inbox – This field is a dropdown and you are able to select which inbox your Ticket Count Report comes from.  

Ticket Type – If you have created any ticket types these will appear here, and this is a dropdown so you can further narrow the ticket count report.

Organisation – This is a dropdown that you can select which of your customers this report applies too.

Start Date – This is date the report will begin from.  

End Date – This is the date the report will end.

Tags – Any tags that you have used in a ticket will appear here this means that you can track these in a report.  The dropdown in this field will show all Tags created and you can select multiple Tags if needed.

Ticket Category – This field is a dropdown and shows all ticket categories you have created.  By selecting one, this will produce a report showing that ticket category.

Ticket Sub-Category – This field is a dropdown and shows all ticket sub-categories you have created. By selecting one, this will produce a report that ticket sub-category .

Once you have entered all of the fields that you wish this report to generate using the search button will bring back your Agent Activity stats. 

The quick view stats will appear at the top of the page showing Most Replies, Most Closures, Most Participations & Most Ratings.

The fuller statistics will be shown below the search form.

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