Managing Users

Last Updated 26/09/2023 05:00 pm

People List

From the main People page you can see a list of Users within your system. If you have a lot of users it might be useful to use the search form at the top of the page if you need to find a User or filter the type of user based on Role, Organisation, by email address, by name or Person Type (this distinguishes type from User/Agent/Public). There is a toggle within the search form if you wish to include Inactive People within your search or not. 


Each User will have an Edit button on the far right side of the list of options, this will allow those with permission to Edit a User of your system.

Add User 

Click the Add User button at the top right of the people list to add a new user. This is where you add support agents, other staff of your organisation, or staff of the other organisations you work with.

The options for adding a user will change depending on the Organisation you choose (you can only add support agents to your own owning organisation). The Roles will also change depending on what you choose, as customers have different role options from your own staff.


Name: Each new User should have a unique Name. Having duplicate names within your system can cause confusion later, so ensuring you have a unique Name here is important. This will be displayed to your customers when this person replies to a ticket.

Email: This is the Email address belonging to the User, this will need to be unique. No two Users can use the same email address, the system will provide an error if you try to add a new User with the same Email address as an existing User. 

Organisation: If you choose the System Owning Organisation then a further dropdown will appear below to either specify that this new User is either Is Agent or Not. Choosing an Organisation which is not the owning organisation means the new User will not be an Agent and therefore the Is Agent dropdown option will not appear. A User can only belong to one Organisation. 

Role: The new User will need to have a Role assigned to them in order to be granted permissions that they require to do their job (Permissions are based on Roles). 

Status: Seting a user as Inactive will stop them being able to login. Use this option if the user no longer needs access to your help-desk.  

Is Agent: When a user is being added to the owning organisation, a new field will pop up asking if the user is an Agent or not.  Provided you have a seat available to add an Agent this will be the same process as above. Complete the Agent details form the same way for a non Agent User including name, email address, their Role and status and their contact details and then click Add User.  

Contact Details 

There are some optional contact fields. This information will appear on tickets created by this user.

Job Title: Add the new Users Job Title here if they have one.

Phone: Add the new Users Phone number if the one they have is different from the one attached to their Organisation.

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