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A collection is a grouping of Knowledge Base articles.

Think of a collection like a book. You might have a collection for each product you have, or for different departments to put their internal documentation into. You may have one collection for internal documentation and one for public

To add a Collection, you need to access Knowledge Base from Settings and click the Collections tab and then the Add Collection button.

The form looks like this.

Name: Give your collection a name. This will appear to customers if the articles within are made visible.   

Description: Give your Collection a description. This will make it clearer what the collection is for and may also appear to customers.

Ordered: Here you can choose whether you want to be able to re-order the articles once written. If enabled you will then get an option on the listing page to ‘Order Articles’, this is a handy feature for changing the order your articles are displayed in.

Display Style: This is either a Book style (where several articles can be connected and customers click through it like a book) or Single style (where individual pages are shown more like an FAQ without a side panel of contents).

Language: All the articles in a collection are a single language. If you need documentation in multiple languages, you can create more than one collection and a language picker will be displayed to the user.

Icon: Each Collection can have an Icon attached. This is completely optional but can be a good way to distinguish between collections when shown on the screen.

Status: You can change the status of a collection to either active or inactive by using the toggle at the bottom of this page. Inactive collections will not display in the Knowledge Base.

Order Articles

In this section you can re-order the articles of your Knowledge Base, once you have added all the Collections, Categories and Sub-Categories you can quickly move any Article into place. By selecting Order Articles this will bring up a new page showing all of your Articles.

The Order Article will bring up the page below. Click on the dots on the left hand side and drag and drop your article into the desired position within your contents.

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